History of Suffield Highland Ponies

The stud was started in 2003 but I caught the ‘Highland bug’ decades before that when holidaying as a teenager with my Godmother, in Perthshire. Trowan Honeyboy introduced me to the joys of Scotland’s native pony. I had memorable days hunting and showing locally, treks up the Sma’ Glen and beach rides at Elie. When I moved from London to Norfolk in the early 90’s I was determined to secure some land and bring down some Highlands. Then I started playing polocrosse. I began on Highlands but eventually I needed a mount with more speed and agility. Although St Fort Folly stayed in the fold, there was a dearth of native ponies in the fields for several years. Those days have passed and the Highlands are back. To find out more about some of the Past Ponies we have had, you can read about them below.
  • Coulmore Scourag


    I broke Rags in Scotland with my Godmother. He was one of the few that we failed to long rein as he took off and was too strong for either (and both) of us to hold. So I simply got on him and from that day he never put a foot wrong. He came down […]

  • Flute of Suffield


    Flute of Suffield (St Fort Folly x Carrick Raasay). 13.3 hands dark mouse dun. Flute has gone back to her roots in Scotland and the Mylius family. She will be used for driving, riding and breeding.  

  • Lord Fallon of Suffield (aka Flint)


    Flint is in Norfolk learning ridden skills through Natural Horsemanship methods. Last year he competed in his first BHS Trec competition.

  • Lord Finnegan of Suffield

    lord finnegan

    Finn went to Devon to work with a Riding for Disabled Group. 

  • Lord Frederick of Suffield


    Freddie was sold as a weaned foal. He was a prolific winner in hand as a stallion before being gelded to start a ridden career. He is now with Martine Webb. See News for an update on Freddie

  • St Fort Folly


    St Fort Folly (Balmoral Dee x Furrow of Woodburn). Furrow was the last foal and my favourite offspring out of my Godmother’s foundation mare. She went to Andrew and Hilary Mylius as a driving pony and had three foals. I was keen to have one of Furrow’s offspring and was lucky enough to buy her […]

  • Lochlands Ceilidh

    Lochlands Ceilidh showing in Germany

    Lochlands Ceilidh (Dummerdene x Duircein of Balinoe) was purchased from Kate Lawson as a two year old. She was eventually sold to Germany where she produced several foals.