News of Lord Frederick of Suffield

Freddie has recently been purchased by Martine Webb.  She found out that he has had several homes recently. According to his previous owner he was neglected and starved which caused him to become aggressive around food. He was defensive when he arrived at his newest home but most of it was bluff.  The good news is that he has totally mellowed and Martine can now do anything with him. He always canters over to her when she goes in the field, loves to jump and is a very clever pony. Martine says, “He is a great ride to, only goes at the speed you want and adapts to any rider. It took me a long time to find a pony like him. I had a couple of mad Irish ones before Freddie, who totally killed my confidence. So he won’t be going anywhere -he has a home for life. The pictures are of Freddie at his first showing show at Tendring Hundred Riding Club. He is shown by Chantelle who shares Freddie with me.”