Ola has had quite a week

  • Monday -electric fence broken. “Who did that”?
  •  Tuesday – Ola had her second injection and bit my hand when offered a carrot for being a good girl.
  •  Wednesday – Ola flung herself so hard at the closed stable door (the top and bottom were closed), she dislodged several roof tiles.
  • Thursday – Having eaten her fill in the paddock with grass, Ola decides to join the mares in the slimming patch. I watch while mucking out the far end as she jumps the fence. She leaves a leg and breaks the electric rope. Again.
  • Friday – Ola taken in hand into school while the mares have a lesson. She’s not at all sure she wants to stand quietly in the middle. She leaps over coloured jumping poles on the ground.
  • Saturday. Entertains the yard galloping up and down, jumping the ditches and logs with gusto. (wants to be a WHP).
  • Sunday. Filled new water trough (which is on the ground) in mare’s field. Thrilled to have mains water supply now. Ola steps into the trough and paws until most of the water is in the field. Then she steps neatly out again as if this is something all Highland ponies regularly do.